particles collide

(or, entertained with broken cassettes)

I frequently find myself in situations where I want to watch a film or a tv show. Or talking to my wife about wanting to watch a film together later. Or talking with friends about coming round to ours to watch a film. There then follows a period where I try and remember which of my numerous DVDs I've ripped so I can play them instantly (as to not play the, who the hell put this DVD back in the wrong box game) and can play on my media centre PC which is running Kodi.

Kodi does a number of things quite well, but I find it terrible for discovery, and this is one of the ways in which I far prefer Plex but that's another story. This set me thinking. What if I could extract some contact sheets of my media library so I can browse my library in a more familiar manner, namely in a browser.

So I wrote a thing. You feed it the kodi .db files from your kodi install, and it'll spit out some static HTML and images to a directory (which you can then upload to a web server somewhere) and you can then browse your media like that. Works well on a phone/tablet. It also parses the 'trailer' field so as well as reading a brief plot description you can choose to watch a trailer.

I chose to write it in bash, mostly because my kodi install runs linux, it will quite possibly run on a windows based kodi install if you install Cygwin or "Windows subsystem for linux" but I haven't tested that.

In the choosing a film with the wife, or have friends coming round scenarios, I find it quite useful. Maybe you will too.

Github repo is here.