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davxpixel font: download
Free for non-commercial use.

So I had this idea for a logo in my head for a while. A kind of sleek line logo. I have a love hate relationship with the big design packages and really what I wanted was a pixel editor to do a draft in and then make a png from it. A couple things happened.

The best of which is I found piskelapp which is primarily aimed at people making animated sprites, but it uses your google account to log you in, saves your work online so you can get to it anywhere, and any idiot (ie me) can use it. So I managed to mock up my logo quick smart and made the PNG you see on the radium-basement front page.

Now, because my mind just doesn't know when to stop I found myself wondering, what would a complete character set look like? Can I save each letter out as a single file, make a script to assemble paragraphs of HTML using a IMG tag for each letter?

I mocked up a complete character set. Using a IMG for each letter was nasty, a font would be a better idea, which I could embed in the page. An afternoon later I had an idea of what software I needed, and a couple of tutorial videos later I knew how to use them to make the font you see above.

Philippa Berry Smith has a couple of excellent tutorials : part 1, part 2.

I rushed some of the characters so I had enough to do what I wanted, so likely I'll come back to this and update some of the characters at a later date.

Interestingly if you follow the tutorial, you create layers for each character in your font set. I named mine a, b, c, !, $ etc. I rapidly discovered Fontlab doesn't like certain characters in your layer names and won't paste your characters into the grid. Which was awesome. By awesome I mean completely sapping my will to live. A quick google didn't yield the answer and in the end I went on a hunch after I noticed my other characters pasted from illustrator into the bracket just fine.

A couple of things strike me about this process. The first of which is it really wasn't that hard, but only because I had access to a copy of Illustrator which seems like a rather large barrier to entry. The second thing is that you can lose a lot of hours tweaking each and every character.

7th April 2017, davx8342@gmail.com