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Song Du Jour
(Or, the jangly guitar resonates to the frequency of my universe)

You may have gathered by this point I like music. I eat, sleep, live, breathe music. Rarely am I without music. Even if it's just my internal jukebox, which is always on. Though at least other people aren't going to complain if I put on an entire Smiths album, so there is that.

Song Du Jour started out some years ago as a means to share with my similarly music minded friends some new or old track I'd heard. Much as I'd spend some years messing around with things like muxtape (seriously, great tech, but that was never going to last a month in the legal shark infested copyright waters), and even trying to put together my own music discovery tech, but this was not to be. I settled for, and I hate myself for saying this, emailing youtube links to a bunch of people. 20 years since Napster, and the best technology we have to say "hey, have you heard this track?" is emailing youtube links to people. Eventually I fell into a habit of also posting them to g+ and FACEMEAT, but for some reason I don't feel the format works very well.

Emailing links to people is all well and good, usually responses would fall into two camps, "ANOTHER shoegaze track? What year is this?!", to "This track gave me a headache". People eh?

I take most of the blame for this not working. Being adequately able to describe why a track stands out to me and what it is a I like about a track is hard. I'm not educated in music theory or history in the slightest, so using phrases like "surfer guitar", when actually it's just an over driven guitar really doesn't help. My current musical cohorts seem to know me well enough that they put up with this strange moon language.

I decided to start collecting a formal list here of all the Song Du Jour tracks here. Mostly for my own reference. I'm slowly working my way back through the track list as a lot of these links were emailed out with nothing more than "this sounds cool", and I wanted to expand on that a little. At some point I'll add a list of my favourite songs, because I can never remember what those are when people ask. So, yes. Expanding. In around 500 words or less. Words are hard it turns out. I may be some time.